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Client Testimonials and Results

Work Desk


Kristy is an amazing individual with plenty of knowledge and experience in the Planning world. She was always organized, punctual, and ready to assist me with any and all tasks! As a young planner, Kristy was a great mentor and is still a person I can turn to for help in my career. I would highly recommend her services!! 

Neat Desk

Erik R. 

I would highly recommend Kristy’s career advice! As a young planner myself, I am very grateful for her support and guidance throughout the pandemic!

Tidy Desk

Tanya R.

Kristy is an inspiring person with a wealth of knowledge. She has a strong understanding and expertise in the field of planning and is an innovative thinker. Kristy is a friendly and trustworthy person, with a passion for helping people.

Hands down, the best part of my day is seeing my clients get amazing results. Beyond proud of this one and all of her actions that paid off!


I love working with clients that are motivated to reach their next level! Minutes later she sent me an email telling me she had already acted on a couple of the items we identified for her. This was in the first few hours after one of our calls.


How can you not celebrate passing professional exams?!








My heart is full! Feeling extremely blessed to receive messages like this one!

Pic 1 1.png


Celebrating client wins! New job and passed his professional exam!




More exciting client news!


I cannot wait to see where her career takes her!

Pic 13.png





I love getting messages like this from my clients. Multiple interviews and a resulting job offer, and it’s their first planning job!


Some of my favourite clients are the ones that don’t have planning degrees but are passionate about becoming planners. Where there’s a will, there is a way!


More job offers to celebrate!






Hard work paying off! It's always exciting when a job offer comes in!


Love to hear that my clients are prepared for their interviews!

Modern Office


A compassionate soul who believes in eliminating systemic inequities that exist in the Urban Planning/Design profession. She is a person who can be trusted to lift your spirits when you are feeling low and is someone who will go out of her way to lend a helping hand. I, for one, was feeling depressed when I moved to Canada as a Permanent Resident and was not finding something in the field. I reached out to her; she was so keen to offer the assistance and advice that she believed I needed.

Modern Office

N.N. - Private Sector Planner

I always received excellent quality feedback and comments in a perfect timely manner from Kristy, even in time-sensitive situations.

And she taught me that every failure can lead me one step closer to success.

Neat Computer Desk

O.N. - Jr Planner

I cannot express enough gratitude for your guidance and support as I embark on my planning career journey. You really put so much time, care, and effort into what you do - while creating a tailored approach to coaching your clients. The quality of service and knowledge you provide is unmatched! Investing in my future is one of the best things I've done for myself and I can't wait to see where my career takes me!

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