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What My Clients Are Saying



I was absolutely lost and didn't know where to even begin to prepare to find a job in the field. When I got the chance to meet with Kristy, with her rich knowledge, resources and encouragement, I was able to recognize my skills, build on them, find my weaknesses that influenced my chances, and learn what I needed to gain the confidence to apply to jobs. She was also immensely influential in my decision to continue to grad school. Since we started working together two years ago, her ongoing support and kindness has been my guiding light. I don't even know in what career I would have been right now if I had not met Kristy! I am so grateful that I did.

Planning Student

Kristy has a lot of experience and connections, she knows the industry inside and out and it was clear in my first interaction and meeting with her, she's extremely generous to provide any advice you're looking for. I reached out to her right before I started my planning program and it was the perfect time for me, and for anyone who needs help, reaching out to her is a great start!


Working with Kristy has helped me to understand the different planning agencies and their roles in Canada specially in GTA, get connected with many professional planners, and find my way to certification and registering as a professional planner (RRP)!

Intermediate Planner, Local Government

Kristy is very personable, knowledgeable and is enthusiastic in helping planners pivot in their careers or get to a more senior role. She provides very useful follow up advice and has been a pleasure to work with. Her services are highly recommended!


I really liked that after each session I had clear things I needed to work on / look into before my next session. It gave me a sense of “moving forward” even when I wasn’t hearing back immediately from jobs. I loved chatting with Kristy - she has so much experience and knowledge to pass on and she really pumped me up to feel like I could make my next move. We made a plan, set mini goals along the way and I got a new job exactly where I wanted within 6 months of work with Kristy. It was pretty incredible. I feel more sure of putting myself “out there” even when in the past I wouldn’t have felt comfortable.


Starting my coaching journey with Kristy was one of the best decisions I've made for my professional development. It was very exciting, stimulating and rewarding, landing me my first role as a planner. Kristy shared a host of tips, resources and advice in a personable and tailored approach that helped me overcome my own barriers while teaching me crucial aspects of networking, professional development, marketing and job applications which were new to me. Kristy's coaching has directly taught me how to boost my probabilities in landing planning roles that align with my own passions and has indirectly taught me more about myself, different ways of thinking, strategizing and connecting with planners in the field. Thank you for all your help and continued support!




After my first real planning job I was feeling lost, confused and like I had chosen the wrong career. After working with Kristy I have felt that initial love for Planning come back as well as helping regain confidence as a planner. 


Working with Kristy has been one of the best investments I have ever made, and I regret not working with her sooner! Through the coaching experience, I have not only become more confident with the job application process, but I have also become much more confident as a planner. I have advanced my career in the exact way I had hoped to, and if you are feeling stuck in your career or in the job search, I cannot recommend the coaching service enough.



If you don’t have a mentor, and even if you do, give Kristy’s coaching program a try. Whether you learn from her, her clients or guest speakers, or if you just get to chat about your experience/career goals, you’ll definitely get something out of the program. Big or small, it’s sure to have a lasting impact on your career. The biggest wins or shifts I have noticed since participating in coaching are greater understanding of networking opportunities and how to take advantage of them. 


Working with Kristy has been such a pleasure. I feel like her coaching has been motivational, and constructive. She is a great listener and leverages her experience (and that of her network) to help you think through your present and what you want to build for the future. 


I would recommend Kristy's coaching to any planners looking to break into their field, looking at a career pivot, refreshing their job search skills and everything in between. I realized through coaching that all I really needed was a little support and encouragement. I went into the program unsure of if I would be able to find work, let alone in a role that I wanted. With Kristy’s help I got job offers for every role I interviewed for!



Believe it or not, you likely already know the answers to most of your questions and where you want your planning career to go, but without Kristy, you might not realize it! Let her help guide you there! Working with Kristy has helped me to land a new job, move-up in the planning profession, get closer to finding my niche with the planning profession, identify areas of focus for personal improvement.


Kristy is committed to ensuring that you will get results and hit your goals, whatever those may be. She will hold you accountable which is key. I cannot stress enough how important accountability is when going through a job hunt. It's easy to get discouraged, but she provides the tools necessary to stay on track and stay focused on achieving your goal of gainful employment in the planning field, and in the end that is how you will become employed. As someone who was looking to make a career change into the field, Kristy provided an invaluable service in helping land me my current career in the field, and I cannot thank her enough for that.


Kristy has been a great help in establishing my career goals and identifying future opportunities as an Urban Designer and Planner. I decided to study Planning after two decades of International Architectural practice. Kristy helped me with my resume and identified the collaboration points that helped showcase my skills more effectively. She has been a great help and support.



I moved to the US as an immigrant without a job, but Kristy helped me find my footing in my career. Kristy has a balanced approach to coaching, which includes guidance, empathy, nudging to try out new things, regular check-ins, follow-ups, and a focus on self-care. Kristy's coaching program helped me grow as an individual professionally and personally. With Kristy's support, I not only learned how to apply for jobs and give interviews, but I also acquired the skill of negotiation. I am so grateful that I came across Kristy's coaching program.

Housing Planner


The biggest wins and shifts I felt from working with Kristy was greater confidence in my ability, skills and knowledge as a planner and in how I present myself in the job search process from networking to applications and interviews.