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Your Planning Career

Trying to land your first urban planning job? Feeling stuck in your current role? 
Wanting to take your planning career to the next level?
I'm a planning-focused career coach and my mission is to
help planners and aspiring planners cultivate fulfilling
and exciting careers that shape our world into a better place to live.


Your planning career champion

As a land use planner, I have worn many hats – urban/rural /environmental/heritage – to name a few! I am passionate about all things planning.


I love working with other planners and aspiring planners to help them launch and grow meaningful and impactful careers. I am particularly committed to enhancing diversity in the planning profession and in the clients I serve.  


I offer specialized career and professional development support from the perspective of an experienced practicing professional planner. 

YPC is also available for strategic consulting for businesses that employ planners, assisting to establish mentorship programs and opportunities, as well as speaking engagements.


Career coaching is a financial investment but finances shouldn't be a barrier to your professional growth. Whether you are a student or already a practicing professional, I work with all clients to find affordable solutions that can help them achieve their professional goals while keeping within their budget.


Kristy Kilbourne


As Your Planning Career coach, I can help you:

  • Land a great first planning job or seek out your next perfect opportunity

  • Make a career pivot into planning from another field

  • Prepare for pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in planning

  • Identify your unique strengths and skills and find your “niche” in planning

  • Find alignment between personal and professional goals and aspirations

  • Learn important skills and tools that will help you throughout your career

  • Become a more productive, effective, and confident planner

  • Gain access to a diverse support group of motivated, growth-oriented peers

  • Effectively market yourself and your planning skill sets

  • Build your network and establish your own personal circle of planning mentors 

  • Establish a roadmap to reach your next level(s) of career growth and keep you motivated, accountable and on track to meeting your professional goals


Let's Work Together

Are you an aspiring planner? Or a planner looking to take your career to the next level?

Are you a business or organization that employs planners and looking for strategic consulting to assist with their career development?


Tell me a bit about yourself or your business, and your goals, in the form below and we can

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What Clients Are Saying

Working with Kristy has been one of the best investments I have ever made, and I regret not working with her sooner! Through the coaching experience, I have not only become more confident with the job application process, but I have also become much more confident as a planner. I have advanced my career in the exact way I had hoped to, and if you are feeling stuck in your career or in the job search, I cannot recommend the coaching service enough.


Kristy is committed to ensuring that you will get results and hit your goals, whatever those may be. She will hold you accountable which is key. I cannot stress enough how important accountability is when going through a job hunt. It's easy to get discouraged, but she provides the tools necessary to stay on track and stay focused on achieving your goal of gainful employment in the planning field, and in the end that is how you will become employed. As someone who was looking to make a career change into the field, Kristy provided an invaluable service in helping land me my current career in the field, and I cannot thank her enough for that.

Josh S.

Kristy has been a great help in establishing my career goals and identifying future opportunities as an Urban Designer and Planner. I decided to study Planning after two decades of International Architectural practice. Kristy helped me with my resume and identified the collaboration points that helped showcase my skills more effectively. She has been a great help and support.

R.S., B.Arch., M.Plan.

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